I believe that Petaluma City Schools should be safe and welcoming to all staff and students.

I have accomplished many things that I am proud of including:

  • Improving communication through office hours, and hosting a community forum to inform board goals
  • Wrote and published a statement against white supremacy and systemic racism
  • Meeting with and listening to students
  • Advocating for school funding in Sacramento
  • Opening up access in AP and honors classes

But there is more I want to accomplish. Yes, I published a statement repudiating racism, but there is more work to be done. I want to be sure that our students and staff feel safe at school, and that they have a safe place to bring uncomfortable issues forward, such as: racism, sexual harassment and assault, and bullying, and that they can maintain their anonymity if they want. I also want to insure that when a student brings these issues up, they are dealt with promptly and appropriately.

I would also like to eliminate the roadblocks to Honors and AP classes so they are really accessible to all. As an AP teacher for 20 years, my classes were open to any student willing to do the work. I would like to see that in PCS as well

I want to see translating at board meetings so they are accessible to all.

We passed resolutions in support of the Fair Act, and Ethnic Studies. I want to be sure that our schools and our curriculum accurately reflect the diversity in our schools and the contributions of minorities in our history.

I have gone to Sacramento to advocate for school funding, and fairness in the way the LCFF is funded. I have invited Senator McGuire and Representative Levine to our board meetings. I believe this advocacy is an important aspect of being a board member, and I want the honor of continuing to advocate for schools as a PCS trustee.

I have experience: Besides over 30 years in education as a teacher, mentor, active union member, and trainer, I am the veteran on the board. I believe my experience is essential to keeping PCS moving forward.

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