My Tenure as a Board Trustee

I have been on the school board for four years; in that time, I have contributed the following:

Encouraged and saw the addition of honors and AP classes to make these courses more accessible to all students.

Was instrumental in bringing Circle-Up Education to our district to work on equity, inclusion, and diversity. The board will be trained; I will then be trained as a trainer by Circle-Up to continue this valuable process.

Created a community forum which led to the development of board goals that are community based.

Helped save library positions at elementary schools: the community spoke, and we listened.

Served on the LCFF committee for two years; currently I serve on the Budget Advisory Committee.

Started office hours where two board members at a time make themselves available to the community at various school sites.

Wrote and published the board resolution against white supremacy and systemic racism.

I spend a lot of time doing site and classroom visits, such as speaking to government classes. Additionally, I attend most school functions including music and drama performances, fundraisers, and senior projects where I served as a judge. This is my favorite part of being a trustee.

As president, it is my job, according to board norms, to respond to emails from the community, including parents and students. This is one of my most important tasks–to listen to what people have have to say or ask, and either direct them to the proper person, or investigate the issue myself.

In an attempt to better educate myself on the important issues of diversity, equity, restorative justice, and opportunity, and as a life long learner, I have attended workshops put on by TIDE.

In order to have a better understanding of the social-emotional issues facing our students, I have joined CHIPA–a community health organization that works on emotional health issues facing our community. I am currently a member of the mental health and substance abuse group.

In order to more fully understand the difficult issues facing our community, I participate in the PCRC–an organization looking at some of the pressing issues of our community–including homelessness, diversity, and racial justice.

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